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  • Today is World Food Day!

    Today is the World Food Day, which honors the date of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in 1945. Nairobi is hosting on this day the first Nutrition Africa Investor Forum, focused on enhancing nutrition across Africa, the development of the food value chain and the engagement of the private sector as its key driver.
  • BioAnalyt in Malawi: Capacity building for import inspection of fortified foods

    On 10-14 September 2018 BioAnalyt conducted a capacity building workshop for personnel at border sites and for quality officers, organized by the Malawian Ministry of Health with support from GAIN/ENABLE.
  • Enabling small-scale maize millers to contribute to the global fight against malnutrition

    Maize is the most popular staple food in Tanzania. It is also an excellent vehicle to deliver vital micronutrients to vulnerable populations.
  • Bariatric Surgery Does Not Appear to Affect Women's Breast Milk Composition

    A new study, published in The Journal of Nutrition, examines how bariatric surgery affects breast milk concentration.
  • Readiness of National Labs to Test Fortified Foods and Accuracy of Their Results

    Study on the analytical capability and readiness of selected laboratories to analyze fortified food – a quick look into key learnings and recommendations
  • Tracking Nutrition Quality Together with 300 Organizations

    Ensuring food and nutrition quality is what drives us. We currently work with 300 organizations in 80 countries to achieve this.
  • Dr. Anna Zhenchuk Succeeds Dr. Simone K. Frey as BioAnalyt's Managing Director

    After more than eight years at BioAnalyt, Simone K. Frey has decided to leave BioAnalyt to pursue her entrepreneurial and venture capital activities.
  • Improved Method: Measure Iron EDTA Faster in Flour with iCheck Iron

    BioAnalyt partnered with AkzoNobel to develop an improved and faster reagent mix for measuring NaFeEDTA with iCheck Iron.
  • BioAnalyt Technical Support Now in WhatsApp

    BioAnalyt is now offering technical support via WhatsApp!
  • Vitamin A Levels in Bouillon Cubes Can Accurately Be Measured Using iCheck Fluoro

    BioAnalyt recently performed feasibility tests for measuring Vitamin A in bouillon cubes/powder with results show excellent recovery and precision.
  • Measure ß-Carotene Directly at the Farm to Improve Cattle Fertility Using iCheck Carotene

    iCheck Carotene delivers lab-level accuracy at a fraction of the cost of lab bound methods and can be used directly at cow side.
  • iCheck Chroma 3: Validated for Vitamin A in Plant-based Ghee & Rice Bran Oil

    BioAnalyt has validated this new method enabling the easy measurement of Vitamin A.