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  • iCheck Chroma 3: Validated for Vitamin A in Plant-based Ghee & Rice Bran Oil

    BioAnalyt has validated this new method enabling the easy measurement of Vitamin A.
  • BioAnalyt Technical Support Now in WhatsApp

    BioAnalyt is now offering technical support via WhatsApp!
  • Dr. Anna Zhenchuk Succeeds Dr. Simone K. Frey as BioAnalyt's Managing Director

    After more than eight years at BioAnalyt, Simone K. Frey has decided to leave BioAnalyt to pursue her entrepreneurial and venture capital activities.
  • Tracking Nutrition Quality Together with 300 Organizations

    Ensuring food and nutrition quality is what drives us. We currently work with 300 organizations in 80 countries to achieve this.
  • Enabling small-scale maize millers to contribute to the global fight against malnutrition

    Maize is the most popular staple food in Tanzania. It is also an excellent vehicle to deliver vital micronutrients to vulnerable populations.
  • Today is World Food Day!

    Today is the World Food Day, which honors the date of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in 1945. Nairobi is hosting on this day the first Nutrition Africa Investor Forum, focused on enhancing nutrition across Africa, the development of the food value chain and the engagement of the private sector as its key driver.
  • iCheck Loves Training: get your FREE vials and training now

    Training is strongly recommended before any initial use of iCheck. Existing users are also welcome to repeat and get refresher training. To facilitate participation in this unique training program, we are including a special free-of-charge package of 20 vials with every order of iCheck devices and Test Kits made from 29. 01.2018 to 30.04.2019.
  • Double Fortified Salt - iCheck can measure both iron and iodine

    More than a third of the global population are affected by iodine and iron deficiencies, and this poses a serious public health risk.
  • Rapid Measurement of Vitamin E and ß-Carotene at Cow-side with iCheck

    Vitamin E and ß-carotene are crucial vitamins for dairy cattle health. iCheck measures Vitamin E and ß-Carotene in whole blood in 5 minutes.
  • Environmental Footprint and Disposal of iCheck Test Kits

    When you use iCheck for your analysis, you also make an environmnetal friendly choice. iCheck uses up to 200 times less chemicals than alternative methods
  • Introducing the BioAnalyt Team - Prof. Florian Schweigert

    Prof. Florian Schweigert founded BioAnalyt in 1999 as a spin off from the University of Potsdam. This fulfilled his desire to bring the lab to the sample, especially in places with little means for sophisticated lab equipment. Prof. Schweigert loves spending time with his family traveling. He also enjoys visiting museums and concerts or operas.
  • Fortification Quality Convening by BMGF and WFP Accelerator

    In late April, BioAnalyt participated in a challenge workshop hosted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and WFP Innovation Accelerator. The goal of the workshop was to critically assess the root causes of failure in the quality of fortified foods and brainstorm innovative solutions to overcome these challenges.
  • BioAnalyt's Experience at the WFP & Cargill Innovation Bootcamp

    BioAnalyt participated in a Bootcamp this May to learn how to pitch our newest Innovation, Connected iCheck, to an audience of partners and investors at the WFP Innovation Accelerator. Our team learned about user-centered design, lean startup thinking, and market hacking to design Connected iCheck.
  • Introducing the BioAnalyt Team - Dr. Anna Zhenchuk

    Dr. Anna Zhenchuk joined BioAnalyt in 2012 following her participation in the European Nutrition Leadership Platform (ENLP). From product development, to technical support, to marketing, to now management, Anna embodies all that is BioAnalyt.
  • Partner Spotlight: Meet André Redinger, CEO of the Millhouse Group

    An interview with André Redinger, the Millhouse Group’s Managing Director. Although best known for their sugar and micronutrient premix production, Millhouse also has a social impact side, embodied in its Southern Lodestar Foundation and Millhouse’s nutrition focus.
  • Precision Nutrition for Animals - What Is It and What Can iCheck Do?

    iChecks enable direct, on-the-farm measurement of nutrient levels in animal blood and tissue samples within minutes. Our animal health and livestock farming partners have used iChecks on dairy cattle, beef cattle, poultry, eggs, salmon, and pork.
  • BioAnalyt at "Together for Nutrition" - Inaugural Executive Short Course to Improve Public-Private Engagement

    Reflections of BioAnalyt's Anna Zhenchuk about the inaugural Executive Short Course “Together for Nutrition: Public-Private engagement to improve the consumption of nutritious food".
  • Rice Fortification - What Is It and What Can iCheck Do?

    Fortification of rice, one of the main global staples is a great opportunity to tackle micronutrient deficiencies. Learn about Rice Fortification and how to control for iron and vitamin A in fortified kernels with iCheck.
  • BioAnalyt Makes Waves in the Diagnostics and Precision Nutrition Space

    BioAnalyt's new line of products in development, iCheck Health, provide point-of-care diagnostics of various biomarkers simultaneously from a single blood sample. To achieve this we are combining proven technologies for absorption and fluorescence (the methods our other iCheck products use), dry chemistry, and antibody methods.
  • Bouillon Cubes - What Are They and What Can iCheck Do?

    Our new white paper on Fortified Boullion Cubes and how to control for iron, vitamin A and iodine in these cubes with iCheck.
  • Lodestar Centre of Excellence - Dedicated On Site Training Hubs!

    Driven to providing sustainable, locally relevant, and hands-on training, the Lodestar COE will utilize a training of trainers of trainers model, strengthening a new cadre of local experts. The Lodestar COE platform will exist as a permanently available resource for industry, regulatory and standards institutions, laboratories, and civil society working to improve the safety and quality of foods for better nutrition.
  • New Portable Nephelometer for Thalassemia Screening: iCheck Turbidity

    BioAnalyt has developed a prototype device that measures red blood cells fragility as a screening tool for thalassemia in a low-resource setting. This prototype is referred to as iCheck Turbidity and is a portable nephelometer. There are ongoing tests regarding its robustness in the field.
  • BioAnalyt and Changing Markets Present iChecks to Mexico's Food Control Agency, COFEPRIS

    BioAnalyt and Changing Markets partnered to provide Mexico's Food Control Agency, COFEPRIS, with several iCheck Iron. The efforts to improve compliance are needed as a recent study found that very few of Mexico's wheat and maize flours were being fortified according to standard.
  • BioAnalyt at the 2nd AOAC Sub-Saharan Africa Annual Meeting

    2nd Annual AOAC Sub-Saharan Africa Meeting took place in Cape Town, South Africa at the beginning of November. Dr. Anna Zhenchuk shared at the meeting BioAnalyt's experience in supporting testing capacity building in the region.
  • iCheck Connect - Digital Companion for Your iCheck

    iCheck Connect is a companion web and mobile application launching in 2020. iCheck Connect enables wireless measurement data transfer from your iCheck.
  • On the Spot Test of Iron-deficiency Anemia with iCheck Anemia

    With iCheck Anemia the diagnosis of anemia and its attribution to iron-deficiency can be made on-the-spot, within minutes and at fraction of lab costs. This will be done by combining measurement of hemoglobin and zinc protoporphyrin in a drop of whole blood.