Samet at the Botanischer Garten, Jena (Germany)

Dear lovely readers, it is time for another Introducing the BioAnalyt Team story. We will tell you all about Samet Bicer, our sales team member. Samet was born in the small town of Soma, near Izmir, in Turkey, where he grew up with his older brother. In 2010 Samet moved to Izmir to complete his bachelor’s studies. Izmir is located on the Aegean Sea and is famous for its rich archaeological history and tourist destinations. It is also well known for its good weather and food.

Samet started his bachelor’s degree in Economics at Ege University, one of Turkey’s oldest universities. During his studies, Samet always dreamt of completing further higher education abroad so he could enhance his education and life experiences. In 2014, Samet’s dream came true, and he had the opportunity to study International Management at the HTWK Leipzig for a year on the Erasmus Exchange Programme. After his bachelor’s degree, Samet completed his master’s education at the Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany. He bagged a master’s degree in Economics with a specialization in World Economy.


Samet by the Neptune Fountain, Rome (Italy)




Even before completing his master’s degree, Samet was already looking for job opportunities in sales, since he had previously worked in the field. He came across a job opportunity at BioAnalyt, which suited his wish to improve his skills and gain experience in the global food fortification space where BioAnalyt mainly operates. We are glad that Samet found us, and we found him! He joined BioAnalyt in 2021 and currently works as Sales Associate, responsible for BioAnalyt’s edible oil segment customers.

When asked what motivates him at BioAnalyt, Samet fondly responds, “Working in the Sales department is very dynamic. This means that even though you have specific tasks, you may have to adapt quickly to the diverse customer needs and find appropriate solutions. This makes me very happy because there’s never a boring moment at work, I can perform a range of tasks and at the same time learn new things every day.” He continues, “My biggest motivations are my team and the spirit of friendship at BioAnalyt. This motivates me to wake up every morning and come to work.

Samet enjoys watching sports outside of work, with football being his favorite. He also likes spending time with friends and family, discovering new cities, visiting historical sites, and reading history books. So if you fancy watching a football game, why don’t you pass by and let Samet know?


Samet in front of the famous Bach statue, Leipzig (Germany)



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