March 2020

Corn soy blend (CSB) is one of the most common fortified blended foods. It is made from blend of maize and soya beans with added vitamins and minerals. Fortified blended foods have been used throughout the world as complementary foods for infants, providing energy, protein, vitamins, and minerals during critical child growth periods. For the past 50 years, fortified blended foods have also been used in food aid for children as well as pregnant and lactating mothers to meet their nutritional needs during seasonal lean periods and emergencies where under-nutrition may be prevalent.

Other ingredients in CSB may be added or substituted according to local tastes and customs. Milk powder, sugar, and oil are also commonly added to improve taste and caloric density. Similar products such as wheat soy blend (WSB) and rice soy blend (RSB) have been distributed where corn is not a commonly eaten food – here we will use CSB to encompass all of these types of blended flours.

Measuring Iron in CSB with iCheck Iron

To ensure that vital micronutrients, like iron, are present at the right concentrations in CSB, rapid and portable methods of measurement are necessary. You can use iCheck Iron to measure the iron content in your CSB, in the field and without a laboratory. To ensure reliable results with iCheck Iron, CSB samples require a customized sample preparation protocol. This involves diluting the samples in a hydrochloric acid solution to facilitate solubilization of the iron. Afterwards, the solution should be mixed to ensure homogenization and further incubated for 30 minutes in hydrochloric acid solution.

Here at BioAnalyt, we have compared results with iCheck to those of traditional laboratory methodologies to ensure the reliability and accuracy of measurements. iCheck methods were compared to mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) reference methods for iron. Nutrient recovery ranged from 91 – 98% compared to reference methods. This indicates good correlation with reference methods and shows iCheck can perform similarly, while still providing results more easily, faster, and at 10% the cost of conventional lab methods.

Download our CSB application paper here to learn more. The BioAnalyt team remains on stand-by to answer your technical questions, provide product support, or assist you with ordering iChecks and test kits. Contact us today!

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