December 2019

Our iCheck devices enable measurement of individual vitamins and minerals in foods and animal samples. Our customers – users of iChecks – are fortified or enriched food producers, feed and premix producers, researchers, monitoring agencies as well as NGOs. All measurement results generated with iChecks must then be transferred to computers, categorize, visualized and intrepreted in a harmonized way to become actionable, – a process that can be cumbersome and time-consuming. To facilitate this process for our users we have launched development of iCheck Connect.

iCheck Connect is a companion web and mobile application for your iCheck device. iCheck Connect enables wireless transfer of measurement results from your iCheck device to your smartphone, tablet or computer. The app then allows for user-friendly way to categorize, visualize and interpret your transferred data making it actionable. This is done by integrating Bluetooth adapter to our existing iCheck devices to enhance connectivity to the web and mobile application. Once ready for commercialization, all iCheck devices will ship with iCheck Connect readiness! You will also be able to upgrade your current iCheck device with connectivity feature.

The first phase of development for iCheck Connect is supported by the WFP Innovation Accelerator and Cargill. The app is being designed in cooperation with quality assurance managers who regularly generate and process quality data of fortified products to ensure in-spec results and compliance to national standards.

Next developments will be designed in cooperation with monitoring authorities, consumer groups, and NGOs. Working with our customers on this development ensures that iCheck Connect becomes a useful tool for all to quality control, interpret and share your data to drive evidence-based decisions and achieve maximum impact with each nutrition intervention.

We will keep you all posted on these developments and will be happy to get your feedback as you start using iCheck Connect on how we further improve and support you.



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