BioAnalyt participated as one of the speakers at a workshop organized last week by our strategic partner, TechnoServe, as a part of its Technical Assistance Accelerator Program (TAAP). As a result, we had a couple of questions from our crucial customer base in Kenya about the applicability of current iCheck testing kits and the status of new devices such as iCheck Modular. These questions were asked during the Kenya TAAP workshop, which aimed at providing technical assistance for Large Scale Food Fortification programs, streamlining interventions, and picking up on critical lessons for future fortification projects. 

Here is what you need to know…

iCheck Modular

iCheck Modular

1. BioAnalyt is developing new devices such as iCheck Modular; what will happen to the devices currently in use (iCheck Chroma 3, Fluoro, Carotene, Vitamin E, Iodine, and Iron)? Do we have to calibrate the current devices, or will they be rendered useless after iCheck Modular hits the market? 

The current version of iCheck devices will remain functional, and all users will be able to use them even after the next generation of iCheck is released. We will continue to provide the usual support and services, including maintenance and troubleshooting for the issues you may have with the devices. 

Regardless, we recommended having the devices checked for functionality every two years or recalibrated if necessary. Our service for the current iCheck devices is always subject to the availability of the components, which is currently difficult to predict. However, we have taken steps to ensure continuity of services for as long as possible. 

Current iCheck devices can test for only one micronutrient at a time. The iCheck Modular will instead have detachable and exchangeable measurement units, which can be combined in user-specific combinations.  iCheck Connect – our digital companion app will become a standard, integrated feature in iCheck Modular. This next generation will be more versatile, more scalable, and less expensive for customers.

2. The shelf life of the vials is short. What are we doing to make sure the vials last longer? How do we ensure easier access? 

iCheck reagent vials have a shelf-life of one year. To ensure the continuity of your measurement using iCheck, we assist and recommend our users plan and define their needs for the reagent vials every year. That way, the possibility of running out of vials can be reduced significantly. We are also striving to provide local access to ease and accelerate this matter. For more information, please subscribe to our newsletter.

icheck device and samples in a lab3. The local food monitoring authorities and government organizations may not recognize the devices. What can we at BioAnalyt do to ensure that our products are recognized at the national level? 

BioAnalyt is certified as an ISO 9001 producer and developer. All our products are developed as per conditions defined by European and international standards. All our devices follow the directives defined as the 2014/30/EU, 2014/35/EU, and 2011/65/EU standards. In addition, our compliance with EN 61326-2013 and IEC 61010-1:2010 is checked by external official bodies. 

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