A capacity reinforcement training workshop was recently held in Accra, Ghana, under the leadership of the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Ghana Country Program and facilitated by QuImpact and BioAnalyt. The workshop aimed to enhance the understanding and implementation of rapid testing and iCheck for food fortification monitoring. This initiative was supported with by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Various regulatory bodies, including the Food and Drug Authority (FDA), Ghana Standard Authority (GSA), Ghana Police Service (GPS), and Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) participated in the 3 day workshop.

The training was positively regarded by participants for its engaging and informative approach. Gifty Aidoo, a seasoned food analyst with over 17 years of experience at the FDA, described the training as “involving and facilitated for learning.” Marian Komey, a seasoned food analyst with over 20 years of experience in the food industry and laboratory settings and currently serving as the Head of the Food Laboratory Department at the Ghana Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), echoed this sentiment, stating that it “opened her eyes to new approaches and methodologies within food testing.” 

Marian Komey, FDA Ghana

Both Gifty and Marian highlighted the importance of stakeholder engagement and collaboration in ensuring the success of food fortification and control efforts. Gifty emphasized the need for continuous industry engagement, while Marian advocated for partnerships between various institutions. 

The training provided participants with valuable hands-on experience in using iCheck, enabling them to confidently utilize this tool in their respective roles. Specifically, the training covered quantitative testing of iodine in iodized salt, of vitamin A in fortified edible oil, and of iron in fortified wheat flour, and best practices for internal and external monitoring were covered.  Gifty expressed excitement about “speed and rapid results” with iCheck, while Marian envisioned its potential for “championing iCheck testing at border points of entry.” 

Gifty Aidoo, FDA Ghana

The training received a resounding endorsement from participants, who unanimously commended its effectiveness in enhancing their knowledge and skills in micronutrient testing. Gifty wholeheartedly recommended the training to others, while Marian advised prospective attendees to familiarize themselves with food testing fundamentals. 

The training on iCheck served as a valuable platform for fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among key stakeholders in Ghana’s food fortification and control ecosystem. QuImpact is committed to providing such training initiatives to empower professionals and contribute to the advancement of food safety and nutrition in the country. 

Watch Mawuli Sablah, CRS Regional Technical Advisor for Health & Nutrition, discuss food fortification and this training on Ghana TV.


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