iCheck Connect

iCheck Connect, a digital companion for iCheck devices

We will be bringing to you state-of-the-art new digital and device solutions, that are more versatile, efficient, user- and field-friendly. With these innovations, we intend to make testing and tracking of micronutrients easier and more accessible to our customers and partners so we could together achieve maximum impact and improving nutrition for those that need it most now. These exciting developments are supported by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and the World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator (WFP IA).

iCheck Connect is a digital companion app that enables the direct transfer of data from iCheck devices to your computer or mobile phone. It supports data analysis by recording, analyzing, and visualizing measurement results, providing training support, and keeping track of your stock of consumables – the-single use vials that contain your sample for measurement. We will complete the development of iCheck Connect web and mobile apps early in 2021, which will be the first step to modernizing digital control systems. We will then be working with you, our customers, to pilot iCheck Connect and help define its further development. We will also be looking into ways of integrating iCheck Connect with national management information systems and data platforms to provide seamless communication of critical data for decision-making.

iCheck Modular

iCheck Modular, the next generation of iCheck devices

In addition to iCheck Connect, we will be developing iCheck Modular – the next generation of iCheck devices. Current iCheck devices can test for only one micronutrient at a time. iCheck Modular will instead have detachable and exchangeable measurement units, which can be combined in user-specific combinations. iCheck Connect will become a standard, integrated feature in iCheck Modular. This next generation will be more versatile, more scalable, and less expensive for customers.

Finally, the scale-up initiative will investigate how we can improve local access to iCheck devices, consumables, and technical support. These local access networks represent a more sustainable model to localize procurement and technical support functions, further reducing import costs and procurement lead times while enabling greater access to devices and associated repairs, training, and support.

We will keep you posted on these developments and will be happy to get your feedback as you start using iCheck Connect on how we further improve and support you. If you would like to pilot test iCheck Connect or iCheck Modular, contact us today!

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