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Reagent vials used for iCheck Iron, iCheck Fluoro, iCheck Vitamin E, iCheck Carotene, and Chroma contain organic chemicals, which have been carefully sealed in the vials to prevent exposure to the operator and environment.

The amount of organic chemicals needed for analysis of one sample with iCheck is 2 to 200 times less than with traditional laboratory methods. Therefore when you use iCheck for your analysis you also make an environmentally friendly choice. However it is still important to dispose of the used reagent vials following proper protocol.

These reagent vials must be disposed of carefully, following local regulations for hazardous materials. The disposal usually involves chemical incineration. Collect used vials into a plastic container and hand over to a local chemical disposal company. When the reagents are used in field conditions and a special container is not available, collect used vials in their original packaging and bring back to a central location where the vials can be appropriately disposed of. DO NOT DISPOSE OF THE REAGENT VIALS INTO COMMON WASTE!

If the reagent vial has been broken, avoid breathing in the chemicals, as they rapidly evaporate. Air the room well.

Reagent vials used with iCheck Iodine do not contain any hazardous chemicals and can be disposed of with other common waste.

Click  here  to download the information material about disposal and environmental footprint of iCheck.

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