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Food Quality & Safety

  • BioAnalyt in Banjul, Gambia: Training of Trainers (ToT) for laboratory technicians and food inspectors on the use of iCheck devices

    A 5-day training for food inspectors and laboratory technicians was performed by our Technical Director, Holly McKee, in Banjul, Gambia in cooperation with the FAO and the FQSA on 7–11 May 2018.
  • BioAnalyt in Malawi: Capacity building for import inspection of fortified foods

    On 10-14 September 2018 BioAnalyt conducted a capacity building workshop for personnel at border sites and for quality officers, organized by the Malawian Ministry of Health with support from GAIN/ENABLE.
  • Meet BioAnalyt at Nutrition Africa Investor Forum in Nairobi on 16-17 October

    The Nutrition Africa Investor Forum, to be held during World Food Day, is a platform for bold, fresh, holistic ideas to develop the food value chain and the role that the private sector can play in enhancing nutrition in Africa.
  • Readiness of National Labs to Test Fortified Foods and Accuracy of Their Results

    Study on the analytical capability and readiness of selected laboratories to analyze fortified food – a quick look into key learnings and recommendations
  • Sight & Life Magazine: The Power of Portable Micronutrient Testing

    Read our article in Sight&Life Magazine on how to strengthen food fortification programs through improved monitoring tools.
  • Improved Method: Measure Iron EDTA Faster in Flour with iCheck Iron

    BioAnalyt partnered with AkzoNobel to develop an improved and faster reagent mix for measuring NaFeEDTA with iCheck Iron.
  • Mapping the Coverage of Food Fortification Locally

    Assessing a program’s coverage is a recurring challenge for organizations, who are often beleaguered by small sample sizes, geographical limitations and high laboratory costs.
  • Coverage as the Royal Road to Impact

    An interview with Mark Myatt and Grant Aaron, who have developed tools to assist fortification stakeholders with program coverage assessments.
  • Technical Know-How and Training of Stakeholders are Key to Effective Food Fortification

    To ensure that food fortification is effective, technical know-how of the processes is a must for both industry and government.
  • When it Comes to Measurement, Defining Uncertainty = Increased Confidence in Results

    How reliable is a measurement result? In this technical update, we summarize information on the most common indicator of reliability: measurement uncertainty.
  • Vitamin A Levels in Bouillon Cubes Can Accurately Be Measured Using iCheck Fluoro

    BioAnalyt recently performed feasibility tests for measuring Vitamin A in bouillon cubes/powder with results show excellent recovery and precision.
  • Recent Food Fortification Training Refocuses Monitoring Efforts in Nigeria

    The recent workshop in Lagos, Nigeria, hosted by NAFDAC and UNICEF brought together government to focus on effective monitoring systems for fortified foods.
  • Effective Measurement of Intrinsic and Added Iron in Fortified Foods with iCheck Iron

    A fast and economic measurement is necessary for effective monitoring of the iron fortification process.
  • Milk: Vitamin Testing Doesn't Have to Take Forever

    With the innovative portable method, iCheck Fluoro, vitamin analysis has been made more accessible and is no longer bound to a lab.
  • iCheck Chroma 3: Validated for Vitamin A in Plant-based Ghee & Rice Bran Oil

    BioAnalyt has validated this new method enabling the easy measurement of Vitamin A.