Iron Deficiency and
Anemia Diagnostics
in One Point-of-care

One in four people
globally has anemia

Anemia causes 68 million years
lived with disability and €45 billion
in GDP losses globally

  • 20% of all
    maternal death

  • 42% increased risk of
    mortality after surgery

  • Impaired cognitive &
    physical development

  • Increased hospitalization
    & mortality rates

Iron deficiency is the cause of
more than 60% of anemia cases




“Accurate characterization of anemia
is critical to understand the burden and epidemiology of this problem, for planning public health interventions, and for clinical care of people across the life course”

World Health Organization

Problems with Current Anemia Diagnostics


The test requires a venous blood draw

Time consuming

It takes days or weeks to get results


It is cost-intensive, whether analyzed in-house or externally

Low diagnostic value

Current point-of-care testing solutions only measure hemoglobin, which cannot indicate the etiology of diagnosed anemia.


The measurement of multiple parameters currently requires sophisticated laboratory equipment and highly skilled personnel.

iCheck Anemia

The first-of-its-kind, point-of-care device that facilitates diagnostics for anemia and its main cause, iron deficiency, in a single drop of blood.

1. Collect a blood sample into the cuvette

2. Insert the cuvette

3. Read the results within few seconds

Device Benefits

Diagnostic Power

Simultaneous reading of anemia and iron deficiency biomarkers


Precise factory calibration against NCCLS reference standard


Chemical-free cuvettes, small blood volume, wide temperature range tolerance


10% of the costs of traditional laboratory methods


No set-up or calibration required


Results in 1 minute


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Technical Data

  • Analytical Principle:

    Photometric determination of Hb;
    determination of ZnPP by auto-fluorescence;
    and calculation of hematocrit (Ht) from Hb result.

  • Sample:

    Capillary, venous, or arterial whole blood

  • Sample Volume:

    10-50 μL

  • Measurement Range:

    ZnPP: 20-300 μmol/mol haem
    Hb: 6-20 g/dL
    Ht: 15-65%

  • Calibration:

    Factory set according to VCCLS H15-A3

  • Controls:

    Built-in self-test, on-demand quality controls

  • Storage:

    Reagent-free microcuvettes can be stored for 12 months at room temperature

  • Power Source:

    Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries included

  • Dimensions:

    12 x 12 x 5 cm

  • Weight:

    0.5 kg

Provides Lab-Grade Results
Without the Laboratory

iCheck Anemia is the first-of-its-kind device that facilitates multiple indicator diagnostics for anemia and its main cause, iron deficiency, in a single drop of blood.

iCheck Anemia Works For


  • Faster decisions
  • Cost savings with optimized blood transfusion
  • Improved health outcomes

Blood Donation Centers

  • Lower rate of donor deferrals
  • Improved donor engagement

Public Health

  • Improved outcomes
  • Raised awareness
  • Optimized allocation of limited resources

Primary Care

  • Increased capacity for paid visits
  • Raised awareness
  • Increased revenue from tests

Our Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Patrick Meybohm

Dr. Milos Stefanovic

Dipl.-Ing. Fabian von Kuenheim

Dr. Andreas Raabe

Dr. Robert Lange

Dr. Valerie Soulier

Prof. Dr. Patrick Meybohm

Medical Expertise

Since 2020 Prof. Dr. Patrick Meybohm is the Head of the Clinic and Polyclinic for Anaesthesiology. Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Therapy at the University Hospital Wurzburg. His clinical and scientific focus lies in the areas of intensive care medicine, perioperative outcome, preoperative preparation of high risk patients and patient blood management. He is the lead examiner of various clinical studies and is (co-) author of more than 100 original and review articles. Much of his work has been awarded scientific prizes.

Dr. Milos Stefanovic

Financial Expertise CEO of the Mittelständischen Beteiligungsgesellschaft (MBG) Berlin-Brandenburg – investment company into medium-sized businesses in the Berlin-Brandenburg region; and the board member of the federal association of German capital investment companies (BVK).

Dipl.-Ing. Fabian von Kuenheim

Investment Expertise

Dipl.-Ing. Fabian von Kuenheim, graduate in mechanical engineering, founded his first company in 1988, a software house for CAD/CAM systems. Following the merger with the IT Infrastructure Provider Magirus in 1992, Fabian von Kuenheim was appointed Executive Vice President and COO. President and CEO of Magirus since 1997, he also became majority shareholder. He is also active as a curator of the Fraunhofer Association, a member of the advisory board of the Commerzbank and has been a long-serving member of the board of trustees of the International School of Stuttgart.

Dr. Andreas Raabe

Business Expertise

Andreas is a health care executive with 15+ years of strategic and operational experience in the life sciences sector. Starting as management consultant with McKinsey, he then held various top management positions in his industry career. He is currently an active investor in the pharma field, identifying segment leaders of tomorrow enabling their growth with targeted M&A and operational improvements. Andreas holds a joint Ph.D. in biomedical sciences from Imperial College, Université Montpellier, and EMBL Heidelberg.

Dr. Robert Lange

IVD Expertise

Dr. Lange has been developing business models, recognizing innovations in the field of laboratory medicine for the past 20 years. He is currently on the board of the IVD Diagnostics Network for Berlin-Brandenburg and the director of Laboratory Services at AMEOS Hospital Group.

Dr. Valerie Soulier

Strategy Expertise

Dr. Valerie is a Chief Marketing Officer with 20+ years of international experience with major global healthcare companies such as Danaher, Abbott, and Siemens. Her expertise spans market and product strategy development, commercial excellence, and execution in MedTech and IVD sectors. Founder and executive coach at 2C4P. Holds a Ph.D. in Neurochemistry from Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

Our Team

Dr. Anna ZhenchukManaging DirectorDr Zhenchuk joined BioAnalyt in 2012 as Technical Director, overseeing the development of new products and providing support to customers globally. Her background is in biotechnology, immunology, nutrition, and business administration.
Prof. Dr. Florian J. SchweigertFounder and Managing DirectorProf. Schweigert founded BioAnalyt in 1999 and is the patent holder of the mobile lab technology. He trained at the University of Munich and Harvard Medical School and directs the Dept. of Nutrition at the University of Potsdam.
Katja Grundmann

Head of Quality and New Product

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Anthony Acquatey-Mensah

Technical and Product Management

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Stefanie Hinze

Sales and Operations

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Haijie Li

Sales and Operations

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Corey Luthringer

Head of Strategic Alliances

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Caspar Hoyer

Product Development

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Binh Nguyen

Sales and Operations

Arysthina Arysanto

Technical and Product Management

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Selina Esche

Product Development

Tünde Horváth

Product Development and Production

Sophia Schramm

Product Development and Production

Cathleen Friedrich

Head of Partnerships

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Thomas Trautwein

Product Development

Katrin Bernhöft

Head of Product Development

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Anja Weber

Product Development

Susann Motsch

Office Administration

Lea Göger

Product Development

Miguel Cano


Jonas Kaminiczny

Lead Quality Assurance

Holly McKee


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