Caspar is really hands-on and here he is in the self-made little oasis in his office.

In this episode of Introducing the BioAnalyt Team series, we put the spotlight on our Product Development Associate, Caspar Hoyer. Caspar was born and raised in the free-spirited, dynamic and multicultural capital of Germany, Berlin.

Inspired by his desire to understand the chemical processes of biological systems, Caspar trained in Biochemistry from the Freie Universität Berlin (FU Berlin). He is currently wrapping up his Master’s Degree in Biochemistry, also from the FU Berlin, and is due to complete in the Fall of 2020.

Caspar joined the BioAnalyt Team in 2016 as an intern and after one year was employed as a Product Development Associate. Caspar’s BioAnalyt story is one which highlights the benefit of speaking about one’s dreams and passionately following them.

“One day I delivered pizza to BioAnalyt while working as a delivery guy. I asked BioAnalyt what they did, and after learning that they develop analytical tools it really piqued my interest. It was really aligned with my university studies. I just went ahead and asked for an internship on the spot –  this was the beginning of my BioAnalyt journey. After my internship, I was asked to stay at the company for another student job, and now I am a Product Development Associate at BioAnalyt”. Indeed, a wonder

of serendipity.

Caspar’s baby – vintage 1974 Mercedes W115

Caspar’s work involves investigating the scientific and technical principles behind iCheck devices and testing these throughout the entire product development process. This means that he performs laboratory experiments during pre-development, develops and tests prototypes, and validates the performance of new products. Caspar is working intensely now on iCheck Anemia, our new rapid, point-of-care device to test for the underlying causes of anemia using only a drop of blood.

What he loves most about his work at BioAnalyt? Caspar: “I love trying out new scientific theories, and it makes me happy when I am able to prove a theory I made earlier”. What motivates Caspar is finding easy solutions to difficult problems, and that is exactly what iCheck devices do – easy to use tools to analyze micronutrients in food and biological fluids.

Outside of his work, Caspar is an ardent enthusiast of vintage cars and he loves to dance both traditional and Latin dance. He really is a science geek with nimble feet. Be sure to catch him on the dance floor whenever you visit Berlin and maybe catch a ride in his beautiful red vintage 1974 Mercedes.

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