In our Introducing the BioAnalyt Team series – meet Julius Fenchel, our Quality Management Associate at BioAnalyt.

Julius Fenchel

Julius was born in Berlin Wilmersdorf and spent the first seven years of his life there. In 1997 he moved to the suburbs of Berlin in Teltow, where his parents had just built a house. The move gave Julius and his two older brothers plenty of opportunities to enjoy and play in nature in a somewhat rural setting.

At nine, Julius began playing soccer with the Teltower FV club, where he is still active. According to Julius, playing soccer provided him with first-hand knowledge and the importance of working with a team.

At a soccer match

‘In team sports, you quickly learn that you may achieve little on your own, but with a team, you can win and advance collectively as a community,’ Julius says.

Julius’s academic journey began with the Anne Frank elementary school. Later on, he went to the Immanuel Kant Gymnasium in Teltow. After graduating from high school and completing an internship of 13 weeks in mechanical engineering, Julius got involved in community service in a facility for the disabled in Zehlendorf for nine months.

Moving on, he decided to study industrial engineering in Berlin. During his studies, Julius worked in quality management in a machinery company in Moabit (Berlin), where he got his first insights into the complexities and challenges of quality management, which got him more enthusiastic about this field.

‘I am a very sociable and open person and in quality management you have to deal with a wide variety of people and personalities every day. You have to understand these people and convince them of your ideas which requires continuous improvement and the initial extra effort’, says Julius.

About his time and experience at BioAnalyt, Julius says he is naturally cautious whenever he starts a new job, not knowing what to expect and what the general working atmosphere would be. But he was amazed by how easily his coworkers integrated him into the company.

‘I felt like I was part of the team from the very beginning. I was lucky enough to participate in a team event in my second week, where I noticed healthy balance between work and private life.’ Julius says.

Julius at a ski resort

Julius is very excited about the challenges BioAnalyt will face in the future, which he is looking forward to overcoming together with colleagues.

‘In my circle of friends, I am known for not shying away from any discussion and perhaps also for being a bit of a smartass. Although I haven’t been with BioAnalyt that long but whenever I enter a colleague’s room, I notice that my coworkers are always open and eager for interactive conversations. I love it because it makes me feel accepted and respected.’ Julius says.

Besides his work life at BioAnalyt, Julius is still actively playing soccer. Once a year, he also goes skiing or snowboarding in Austria with friends. This summer, he also went on an extensive e-bike tour to the Alps.


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