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Personalized Nutrition

  • Bariatric Surgery Does Not Appear to Affect Women's Breast Milk Composition

    A new study, published in The Journal of Nutrition, examines how bariatric surgery affects breast milk concentration.
  • Proving the Effect of Micronutrient-Rich Meals on Maternal Health in Vietnam

    Low birth weight and preterm birth are concerns for rural farming women in Vietnam, who are often affected by undernutrition.
  • Does Stomach-Size Reducing Surgery in Obese Women Affect the Quality of Breast Milk?

    Obese women often do not breastfeed due to fear that their breast milk is of inadequate quality.
  • When it Comes to Measurement, Defining Uncertainty = Increased Confidence in Results

    How reliable is a measurement result? In this technical update, we summarize information on the most common indicator of reliability: measurement uncertainty.
  • Nutrition on the Ground: An Interview with GroundWork

    An interview with GroundWork on starting their own business, completing a micronutrient survey in Sierra Leone after the ebola outbreak and where they are headed next.