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Nutritional Status

  • Nutrition on the Ground: An Interview with GroundWork

    An interview with GroundWork on starting their own business, completing a micronutrient survey in Sierra Leone after the ebola outbreak and where they are headed next.
  • What's My Status?

    How engaging 4,000 households in a nutrition survey encourages behavior change.
  • Does Stomach-Size Reducing Surgery in Obese Women Affect the Quality of Breast Milk?

    Obese women often do not breastfeed due to fear that their breast milk is of inadequate quality.
  • Proving the Effect of Micronutrient-Rich Meals on Maternal Health in Vietnam

    Low birth weight and preterm birth are concerns for rural farming women in Vietnam, who are often affected by undernutrition.
  • Sight & Life Magazine: The Power of Portable Micronutrient Testing

    Read our article in Sight&Life Magazine on how to strengthen food fortification programs through improved monitoring tools.
  • Bariatric Surgery Does Not Appear to Affect Women's Breast Milk Composition

    A new study, published in The Journal of Nutrition, examines how bariatric surgery affects breast milk concentration.
  • iCheck Loves Training: get your FREE vials and training now

    Training is strongly recommended before any initial use of iCheck. Existing users are also welcome to repeat and get refresher training. To facilitate participation in this unique training program, we are including a special free-of-charge package of 20 vials with every order of iCheck devices and Test Kits made from 29. 01.2018 to 30.04.2019.
  • BioAnalyt at "Together for Nutrition" - Inaugural Executive Short Course to Improve Public-Private Engagement

    Reflections of BioAnalyt's Anna Zhenchuk about the inaugural Executive Short Course “Together for Nutrition: Public-Private engagement to improve the consumption of nutritious food".
  • BioAnalyt Makes Waves in the Diagnostics and Precision Nutrition Space

    A brief introduction to Fortified Rice Kernels and how to assess iron and vitamin A content in it with iCheck.