March 2020


Meet Haijie Li

We continue in our Introducing the BioAnalyt Team series by telling you about Haijie Li, our Sales Manager. Haijie was born in a small city in Jiangxi Province in South Eastern China. During her early years, Haijie’s parents moved to the dynamic coastal Guangdong Province in Southern China, where Haijie lived for 12 years until moving for University. Haijie studied Biological Sciences and gained valuable lab experience from the China Agricultural University in Beijing, nearly 3000 km away from her hometown. After her Bachelor’s degree, Haijie’s desire to see the world brought her to Germany. She spent 6 months learning German and was able to pass her German language test shortly after. She then obtained her Masters degree in Nutritional Sciences from Potsdam University.


Haijie discussing BioAnalyt’s customers satisfaction

Haijie joined the BioAnalyt team in the summer of 2016. She says, “I was looking for a job that perfectly combined my academic background and industry. The job offer from BioAnalyt piqued my interest immediately. That’s it!” In her early days at BioAnalyt, Haijie worked in the Technical Support, Production, and Product Development teams before eventually ending up in her current position as Sales Manager. As a Sales Manager, Haijie communicates with our customers and helps them to have a smooth sales experience – from handling quotes to ensuring timely deliveries of our products and services to our customers. Haijie’s academic background and earlier experiences in the different departments at BioAnalyt enables her to support our customers better and to provide them suitable solutions to meet their needs.

Haijie loves her work at BioAnalyt and is always seen with a smile. When asked what she loves most about her work, Haijie responded “BioAnalyt’s customers are from 80 different countries in the world! It always brings me great joy speaking with customers from different cultures. Learning their satisfaction with our products is one of the great motivations at work. BioAnalyt is a small team, but the colleagues are warm-hearted. We are like a big family. I enjoy working here a lot”.

When not at BioAnalyt, Haijie loves to play badminton. She is actually a ranked badminton player, and participates in the seasonal district games in Berlin! She trains and plays badminton at least three times per week. Besides badminton, Haijie enjoys cooking too. “Nothing is better than enjoying a warm dish together with loved ones”, she says.


See the focus on Haijie’s face as she awaits the shuttlecock during a game of badminton

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