February 2020

BioAnalyt, Thina_2

Chef Thina during her first years at BioAnalyt

In this series of Introducing the BioAnalyt Team, we put the spotlight on our Technical Support Manager, Arysthina – called Thina by most of her friends and family. Thina was born in the exciting, vibrant city of Jakarta, Indonesia which is considered by many as the melting pot of Indonesian culture and cuisine. Thina loves food and was motivated by this passion to study food technology, first at the Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) Indonesia, and later receiving her Master’s degree at the Berlin Institute of Technology (TU Berlin).

Thina joined BioAnalyt as an intern in 2014 after a fortuitous introduction by her German host family she was staying with at the time. During her internship, Thina performed competitive analyses of products and provided translations of marketing materials from English into Bahasa, a language spoken in Indonesia. Over the next few years, Thina performed various tasks in Technical Support, Sales, and Production roles at BioAnalyt and after completing her Master’s degree in 2019, Thina was hired as a Product Development Associate. Currently, Thina serves as the Technical Support Manager at BioAnalyt. Truly, Thina’s journey at BioAnalyt tells a tale of her professional growth.


Thina maintaining iCheck devices

As the Technical Support Manager, Thina supports BioAnalyt’s customers to use iCheck devices properly. She does this by performing online trainings and by answering both theoretical and practical questions from customers’ regarding micronutrient measurements. Thina’s food technology background helps her to develop laboratory methods using iCheck, supporting measurement of micronutrients in new food matrices so our customers can rapidly measure micronutrients in the field. Thina is also instrumental in providing iCheck maintenance services to our many existing customers around the world.

When asked what she enjoys most about her new role, Thina responded, “I find new method development challenging as it involves new food matrices and researching how the food matrices interact with iCheck reagent vials. I really enjoy seeing the end results of these because I make new food matrices measurable.”

Outside of her work, Thina loves to bike and listen to music. She is also an avid basketball player and you can find her on the court several times each week. Most of all, Thina loves to cook and enjoys inviting friends over and cooking either Indonesian, Asian, German, or a mix of cuisines.  Be sure to receive an invitation to the next lunch or dinner prepared by our own Chef Thina!

Thina_BioAnalyt 3

Here’s Thina performing a basketball layup

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